Friday, April 18, 2008

Gold Star

In class tonight, student teams presented, and their peers were required to complete evaluation forms. I often get random notes, doodles, or drawings on these types of forms, but one from this evening was so cute, I had to capture it for my blog. (This may be a violation of student privacy and teacherly ethics, but it's also what he gets for drawing on the evaluation form! ; ) )

Perhaps I should not encourage this type of behavior, but it reminds me of my college Anthropology class Oral Narrative (which happened to be the only class Allen and I ever took together). Three things were memorable about that class: 1) my professor told me he copied parts of my final paper he thought it was so insightful, 2) another student, a total tool, said at least once a class period, "As a musician, I....", and 3) a student knitted throughout class rather than take notes. Such behavior was a bit strange, but our professor embraced it and praised her knitting-in-class as the example we should all follow--not taking notes, he claimed, we could really experience the discussion and be a part of it, rather than observing it and capturing it in some artificial way.

I'll leave it up to you.

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