Friday, February 13, 2009

New Secretary of Agriculture Promotes People's Garden

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USDA’s People’s Garden Can Promote Plant-based Diets

In light of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s recent addition of “The People’s Garden” on the premises of the USDA in Washington, D.C., as well as his announcement of creating community gardens at every USDA facility around the world, let’s tell Vilsack that another way of “enhancing and conserving our land and resources” is by eating and promoting a plant-based diet.

In the USDA’s press release it is stated that, “The garden will showcase conservation practices that all Americans can implement in their own backyards and green spaces.” In his blog, Farm Sanctuary president Gene Baur (link: Gene’s Blog entry) urged activists throughout the country to show our appreciation for this enlightened action.

What You Can Do

E-mail Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, in appreciation of his recent groundbreaking goal of creating community gardens at each USDA facility throughout the world. Confirm that this is, indeed, a vital step in preserving the planet and “going green.” Remind him that veganism is the most eco-friendly and responsible move we can make to preserve our planet and its precious resources. Please, urge him to continue on this path by promoting plant-based diets for all Americans.

Remember to personalize your letter to make it a more effective message.

You can also use your own garden and your community gardens as a way of promoting plant-based diets with your neighbors. This spring, talk about the foods you’re growing, share recipes or invite your neighbors over to celebrate a vegan meal from your garden.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oklahoma Tornadoes

One of yesterday's tornadoes in Oklahoma hit very close to my hometown. The most destructive of the twisters left a swath of destruction in Lone Grove, OK, which is just minutes from Ardmore. My mother and aunt both work in the Lone Grove School System. Lone Grove had wide-spread electricity outages, homes pulverized, and businesses hit. Today, without electricity, the schools there are closed. Fortunately my family didn't suffer any losses, but many others weren't so lucky. Story
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