Friday, May 22, 2009

We Love Guests!

Aimee and Jen
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Some of our favorite Arizona folks, Jen and Brian, who are on a massive road trip around the US, came to Ithaca last night. We showed them Ithaca Falls, ate at Moosewood, and walked around the Commons. This morning, we tried to go to ABC but it was closed, so we ate at State Street Diner instead. Jen and Brian are on a tight schedule, so we had time to drive around the IC and Cornell campuses, then they had to get back on the road. George, Walter, and I were all so happy they visited and very sad to see them go. (Harvey was a little relieved. ; ) )

Jen and Brian are on to New York City. We wish them fun and safe travels!

More photos here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our "New" House

New House!
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We've been living in this wonderful house since we moved to Ithaca in July 2008. When people asked how I liked it, I would often answer, "The only thing I don't like is that we don't own it." Due to George's perseverance and the help of my family, we now own the house!

Though we weren't necessarily looking to buy a house--and while it may not be the best time with the current economic situation and accompanying uncertainties--when the opportunity arose to purchase the house, we couldn't pass it up. I love the layout, the hardwood floors, and the spaciousness. George loves the very large yard we have.

We have started making small upgrades and cosmetic changes--George and Gary (and me, a little) redid a room in the basement to make it a comfortable craft room for me--and we have purchased a new refrigerator, curtains, and rugs. Any large renovations will come much later.

There is plenty of room for guests, so come visit Ithaca and stay with us!

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