Saturday, August 4, 2012

Museum of Fine Art

aimee at mfa

Here I am with the Dale Chihuly sculpture (I believe installed in conjunction with the 2011 "Through the Looking Glass" Exhibit) at Boston's Museum of Fine Art. This is one of my favorite museums because it has such strong collections across the board, but in particular wonderful pieces in its Modern American and European exhibits.

What color does the sculpture look to you? I think I see it differently than intended. To me, it looks yellow. It is supposed to be green.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Catie Copley, Canine Ambassador

Catie Copley is the Fairmont Copley Plaza's Canine Ambassador. When I walked into the hotel, I wondered why a doghouse was sitting outside, behind the lion flanking the door. I was delighted to find Catie resting on her couch in the reception area.

I sat with Catie for a few minutes and was amazed at her serenity in the face of the noise of the lobby. She was unflappable in the face of yelling children, rumbling luggage carts, and crowds of convention-goers. Later, I asked the staff in the gift store (where they sell a book on Catie's adventures) about her. The very nice staffer seemed to really love Catie and informed me that Catie was 11, and had been trained as a seeing-eye dog but developed cataracts and couldn't be placed with a seeing-impaired person. Instead, she came to the Fairmont Plaza. Catie doesn't live at the hotel, but with a staff member, but she is on duty five days a week. Had I stayed at the Plaza, I would have asked to take her for a walk!

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