Monday, March 9, 2009

Tumblr Idea Journal

This semester, I am requiring my students in Business Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship to keep a weekly "Idea Journal." I was hoping the assignment would help the students engage in and think through the material we were covering each week. So far, the assignment has not fulfilled my expectations--I'll have to think of reworking it the next time I teach the course.

Because I am requiring if of my students, I thought I would create a tumblr account, too. It's a cool way of amassing information, but I miss the comment feature. I would like the students to know that I am looking at and thinking about their entries. (Some students are writing blogs instead, while others are utilizing off-line Word documents.)

Here's my tumblr page: So I have a blog, flickr, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and myspace (which I never update). The Daily Show spoof of social networking is ringing too true!

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