Saturday, March 7, 2009

Farm Sanctuary Emergency Rescue Fund: Donations Needed

From the Farm Sanctuary

Dear friend of the animals,

I am writing to ask for your help. Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team has been in high gear over the past few weeks, and we need the support of friends like you to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of the abused and abandoned farm animals now in our care.

A fragile newborn goat was born at a stockyard. His mother was sold to the highest bidder and ripped away from him before this tiny 3-pound goat even had a chance to nurse. He was left to die in a cold, filthy stall ... within hours he was already suffering from hypothermia and a navel infection. Rescued by our humane officer and brought to Farm Sanctuary for emergency care, he is now fighting for his life at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. And, he needs YOUR help. In his condition, he needs intensive care, vital nutrients and antibiotics. His will to survive is inspiring all who meet him. But, he has to overcome illness, infection and the cruel neglect he suffered during his first hours of life. Please give to the Emergency Rescue Fund today, and show him the care and love he needs after his harsh beginning.

In addition, Farm Sanctuary has just come to the rescue of a pregnant sheep abandoned on the side of a road in California. About to give birth, she was terrified, weak and unable to stand on her own. Just days after we took her in, the mother gave birth to two baby lambs. One of the lambs was born with underdeveloped lungs and was rushed to the University of California at Davis Veterinary Hospital to receive oxygen and antibiotics to have a chance at life. This mother - once abandoned with nowhere else to turn - and her newborn babies now need your help to survive.

Adding up to create a large influx of animals at our New York and California Shelters in a very short time, these rescues follow several other cases we’ve responded to, including 20 chickens rescued from a school “slaughter project,” a dairy cow named Faith saved from a 4-H project, 58 hens rescued from their battery cage prisons, and 66 turkey poults spared from becoming holiday dinners.

We urgently need your help to care for this large

group of animals given refuge at our shelters.

Many of the animals are struggling with health conditions and are in desperate need of special care.

Can you please make a donation to help fund the surgeries, medications, medical supplies, physical therapy, and other veterinary care needed to rehabilitate these animals? We also need assistance funding their feed, bedding and housing.

The animals at our shelters are given a second chance at life because of your support. It is your generous donation that makes the rescue of farm animals possible and gives them the care they need.

Your gift to the Emergency Rescue Fund at this very critical time will aid these very special individuals, who are counting on us for their survival. Your response will ease their pain and provide them with the comfort, care and happiness they deserve. Please, help these animals today.

Yours for the protection of farm animals,

Gene Baur

Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder

P.S. Please make as generous of a donation as possible to the Emergency Rescue Fund so that these sweet animals, and all rescued animals, have a second chance at life.

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