Friday, February 24, 2012

50,000 Hens Left for Dead

After Andy Keung Cheung no longer had the funds to feed the hens at his battery cage egg plant, he abandoned them without food or water. Officials only learned the hens were abandoned two days ago, two weeks after Cheung abandoned the property. Rescue groups from Animal Place, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, and the Farm Sanctuary are on site trying to save the hens that remain alive. The rescuers believe about 2,000 of the hens can be saved and moved to sanctuaries or adopted into loving homes. While it is wonderful that a number of hens will live a better live, it is unconscionable that so many were left to starve to death. This is what happens when animals are treated as commodities instead of sentient beings. Please consider donating to one of the groups to help with the cost of the rescue. Even better, eliminate eggs from your diet so there is no market for the kind of cruel factories farms that perpetuate misery and death.

Thousands of Hens Saved from Turlock Egg Plant

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