Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Message from the SPCA

In my email this morning, I received a special newsletter from the SPCA of Tompkins County with a message from the new Executive Director, Jim Bouderau.
As the new Executive Director, I have been increasingly surprised to learn that so many members of our community think we have ample funds to do our work. There seems to be a misconception that we receive government funding or that a few select organizations or families provide all the support we need. I can tell you, this is as far from the truth as a Chihuahua is from a Mastiff.

To give you an idea, in the first quarter of 2011, we have lost over $130,000 in grants and private funding during the same period in 2010. On top of this shortfall, cases such as the ones highlighted below add another layer of unexpected financial burden. On average, each of the 72 cats, whose stories I will share with you, cost on average $600 each to medically evaluate, treat, spay or neuter, feed and house, all before they are adopted. This represents a cost of over $42,000 for these three incidents alone! This burden, in addition to our lack of funding, puts our shelter in a critical, and honestly, frightening financial position. 
Please read on to learn of our successes and challenges with these cases, and while the numbers are staggering, so is the generousity of our community. I know that with your support we can overcome this. 
Jim Bouderau
SPCA of Tompkins County
I was so disheartened to learn of the loss of grant money. I would hate to see their good work compromised by a lack of funds. Can you help today?

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