Saturday, March 26, 2011

Patrick, the Miracle Dog

So emaciated his bones protruded, Patrick was found in a Newark, New Jersey housing complex by a maintenance worker on March 16 after having been thrown down a garbage chute. The Associated Humane Societies were notified, and they rushed Patrick to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists where Patrick received a transfusion and life-saving medical treatment. Patrick, who should have weighed about 50 pounds, was only 20 pounds. Miraculously, Patrick survived, and he gets healthier every day. Despite the unimaginable cruelty he suffered, he loves people.

His case has outraged and inspired animal lovers across the country, and donations have ensured that he will receive the ongoing care he needs. However, you may send him a get well card or care package:
Patrick, Patient ID# 92310
Garden State Veterinary Specialists
1 Pine Street
Tinton Falls, NJ 07753
If you are moved by Patrick's story to make a financial contribution, please send it to your local humane society or use the ChipIn widget on the left sidebar of my blog to help the animals of Japan.

I spent a whole night crying after watching this video, heartbroken by the pain Patrick must have suffered, as well as angry at the person who did this to him. (His former owner has been found and charged with animal cruelty. Though the harm she inflicted is without measure, her maximum punishment is a $1,000 fine or 6 months in jail.)

I hope you will keep in mind, though, that the emaciated creature you see in the video is a commonplace sight in the animal agricultural industry around the world. Individuals who engage in farm animal rescue see this sight whenever they go to an auction.

Use the fire in your heart not to fuel anger, but to fight animal abuses inflicted on both domestic, farm, and wild animals around the globe. What do you plan to do today to help them?

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