Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ithaca Brew Fest Ephemera

Ithaca Brew Fest Ephemera

A crowd descended on Stewart Park yesterday for the popular Ithaca Brew Fest. George has attended the three years we've lived here. Since the mass of bodies was too much for me to take last year, I was not only not invited this year, but told in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't expect to go with him. (That was fine with me; Walter and I had better things to do!) In all serious, it's not my kind of event, but George does love going. Last year and this year, Gary came to Ithaca to keep George company. (Gary is calling this year's Fest George's Bachelor Party.) They even sprung for the VIP tickets. I asked George to be on the lookout for postcards or interesting freebies distributed by the vendors, and he came home with his pocket full of goodies. A win for all involved!

Event website
Ithaca Journal article

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