Monday, August 30, 2010

My Month Has Been Made

One of my students from Organizational Behavior and Management dropped by my office this afternoon. He told me that during his summer job, the concepts we talked about in class really became real to him, and he reflected on the class more than any other he'd had before. With great frankness, he mentioned he was the kind of student who crammed at the last minute and then often forgot about the content, so he was even surprised he retained so much from the course.

What a nice way to begin the semester!


  1. That truly is a wonderful compliment! It's really nice that he came by to tell you too.

    I was one of those "cram at the last minute" people although not by choice - I think undergraduate work encourages that because there is always so much to do. It's too bad!

  2. That has to be so great hearing something like that! Hopefully that's the first of many great things for you to come this semester. :)


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